How has the database been assembled?

The names come from a variety of sources. The online roll already held around 25,000 names of the fallen from the two counties from the First World War. Of these, the names of the Norwich dead were drawn up by the city’s corporation published in 1924. The rest of the Norfolk names are from lists originally published in the Eastern Daily Press between May and December 1919. Several names and villages were overlooked from these original lists. Many have since been added, but others may still be missing. The Suffolk roll was compiled by the local council. For the Norwich war dead from the Second World War, we have reproduced a roll drawn up after the conflict and kept in the Millennium Library. For the rest of the county, the information is more piecemeal and we have had to scour many different available sources, including the volunteer-run Roll of Honour websites. In some cases, we have visited villages and towns to transcribe names. The Suffolk names have come from a list kept by the Suffolk Regiment Museum, in Bury St Edmunds.

What do I do if I think someone is missing from the roll?

Reliance on such a wide variety of sources means that there will be many inadvertent omissions. The rolls, where we have been able to find them, were drawn up in the immediate aftermath of the conflicts, when the fog of war had yet to clear. If you know of someone you believe should be on the roll, email ww2@archant.co.uk, providing as much detail as possible.

What do I do if I disagree with the details given for an individual?

With a database of this size, there is much scope for errors at every stage of the process – from the misreading of handwriting on the original records, to slipped keys when inputting the information into a modern database. If the information you believe is incorrect cannot be edited by you, please email ww2@archant.co.uk, giving as much detail as possible. If you disagree with information submitted by another reader, it is best for you to present your information alongside it, allowing other users to make up their own mind about the accuracy of the research.

What information can I add to individual profiles?

You can add whatever information you possess about those named on the rolls. As well as personal tributes to the fallen, we want users to leave biographical details about individuals, as well as photographs and other information, to ensure their deaths, and lives, are remembered by future generations.

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