Tributes to Bertie Phillips Details

"Bertie Phillips was born in Drinkstone, Suffolk on 18th May 1888, the youngest surviving son of 5 children of Edward Phillips (from Great Barton) and his wife Anna (née Barrell, born in Drinkstone). The newly-married couple probably moved to a house on Drinkstone Green in 1881 and were still in the same area by the time of the 1911 census. Bertie’s father was described in the 1881 census as a photographer, in 1891 he was listed as a farmer and in the 1901 and 1911 censuses as a waiter (domestic/casual). His mother was listed in all censuses and in Kelly’s Directory as late as 1933 as a dressmaker. Bertie was baptised at All Saints Church in Drinkstone by the Rector, Frederick Horne, on 29th July 1888 and he was enrolled as a pupil at Drinkstone National School, most likely in the autumn/winter of 1892/93. The 1911 census places Bertie (aged 22) living far from Drinkstone, serving as a domestic servant at Burwash Court in the parish of Burrough-on-the-Hill and Somersby, near Melton"

Robin Sharp - 25/09/2017